The Bee Goblin by PEKOLEJO in Ladrillar, Spain


“El duende de las abejas” (The Bee Goblin) by PEKOLEJO in Ladrillar, Spain for Muro Critico. Curated by Jonatan Carranza Sojo.

PEKOLEJO: “The Bee’s Charm” represents a figure symbolizing the human spirit derived from a culture of another era. This figure holds a single flower in its hand to attract the few depicted bees, symbolizing their possible extinction due to the threats they are currently facing. These threats range from loss of habitat to death from toxic pesticides used in agriculture. Dark tones predominantly characterize the artwork, both in the figure’s attire and the background, to emphasize the flower and the bees—the real stars of the piece. Bees are vital as we depend on them to transport pollen from one flower to another, improving food production through pollination. This process contributes to food security and helps biodiversity and ecosystems.


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