Mural by Román Linacero in Nava de la Asunción, Spain

Muralist Román Linacero

By Román Linacero in Nava de la Asunción, Spain. Photos by Paula Valley.

Román Linacero: In this mural, 2 peculiar travel companions; Maya, a fantastic girl from San Pietro, and behind the wheel Gianni, a gentleman over 90 who still drifts like crazy through the streets of San Pietro, with his green Fiat and blue eyes. When we said goodbye last year, he told me “perhaps we won’t see each other again. This year I’ve had 5 heart attacks, and 2 of them had to resuscitate me.” Today, I write these lines from San Pietro, starting a new mural and continuing with this twinning. And yesterday Gianni came to see me… skidding in his Fiat. What a joy everything.


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