Home by Matthew Mazzotta for Tampa Airport

Artist Matthew Mazzotta

“Home”, pink flamingo by Matthew Mazzotta at Tampa Airport in Florida, USA.

Flights to and from the Tampa International Airport usher people on their journeys – to their homes, back home, towards a new dwelling, or a place that resonates like “home.” In Florida, the concept of “home” transcends human boundaries to encompass the diverse wildlife that thrives in this sunny state. Among them, the flamingo stands out as one of Florida’s most iconic residents.

For years, the gorgeous flamingo, despite being a frequent motif on countless pieces of Florida-themed memorabilia, was considered non-native to Florida. However, recent research has stirred both the academic and local communities by tracing the flamingo’s roots right back to Florida. This revelation has sparked excitement and renewed interest in this charismatic bird.

Positioned in the Central Terminal of the Tampa International Airport, “HOME” is a site-specific art installation that provides travelers worldwide an opportunity to delve deeper into the tale of the flamingo – the bird whose image is quintessential to Florida. Yet, “HOME” transcends the question of whether someone, or something, originally hails from here.

The towering scale of the flamingos in “HOME” shifts our focus onto these magnificent birds’ lives and leaves us in awe as they dominate the space above us. This stunning piece serves as a poignant reminder that, regardless of our origins or species, we all share one common home – Earth.

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