Exploring the Privatization of Water: ‘Ofrenda por el agua,’ a Mural by JP in Roturas, Spain (4 photos)

We are excited to present a new mural titled “Ofrenda por el agua” by the talented artist JP. This captivating artwork, located in Roturas, Spain, is part of the Muro Crítico project curated by Jonatan Carranza Sojo.

JP’s mural delves into the significant issue of water privatization, drawing inspiration from their home country, Chile, where this matter holds immense relevance. The artwork serves as a poignant commentary on the consequences of privatizing natural resources and the impact it has on the lives of local inhabitants.

“Ofrenda por el agua” invites viewers to reflect on the importance of water as a common good and the potential ramifications when it falls under private ownership. Through their artistic expression, JP sparks a dialogue about the social, economic, and environmental implications associated with the privatization of this essential resource.

Located at Avenida de la Libertad 24, Roturas, “Ofrenda por el agua” serves as a powerful symbol, urging us to reconsider our relationship with water and the importance of its equitable access for all.

This project is made possible through the collaboration between Muro Critico, the Culture Department of Diputación de Cáceres and the municipality of Cabañas del Castillo, with the expert curation by Jonatan Carranza Sojo.

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