Mural by Clément Herrmann: Celebrating Childhood on the Façade of Pierre Brossolette School

Clément Herrmann, a talented artist, recently transformed the façade of Pierre Brossolette School in Kremlin-Bicêtre! Standing tall at 13 meters, this mural project provided him with a dream-like canvas to work on.

The municipality of Kremlin-Bicêtre placed their trust in Clément Herrmann to paint a portrait representing the children of today and future generations, and he chose to depict his cousin Adrian. For Clément, childhood symbolizes playfulness, teasing, and innocence. He infused these elements into Adrian’s portrait, reminding us to cherish these qualities and keep them alive within ourselves.

This project holds great significance for Clément as he began preparing for it in October 2022. From presenting multiple proposals to obtaining the necessary certification to operate the elevated platform, he navigated through various challenges, including managing the budget. It has been a remarkable experience for him.

Clément expresses his gratitude to Pebeo for their support by providing him with MAT PUB paint, which is ideal for both exterior walls and canvases. He also extends his thanks to Sophylip for assisting him on the ground, capturing the process on video, and taking stunning photographs. Stay tuned for an upcoming video documenting the creation of this mural!

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