Wild Child – By HERA in Civitacampomarano, Italy

Photo by Wallkandy

Nestled in the scenic Italian village of Civitacampomarano, a stunning new mural named “Wild Child” has been born, courtesy of the talented HERA, one-half of the famous artist duo HERAKUT.

This enthralling piece was created for the CVTÀ Street Fest and draws inspiration from the beautiful and rugged surroundings of this quaint village.

HERA dove deep into the soul of Civitacampomarano by observing its landscape and engaging with its inhabitants. She found a particular kinship with the foreigners who chose to make this village their home, despite its isolation and the daily challenges that come with it.

The mural, “Wild Child,” is a poetic homage to these brave souls. Through HERA’s conversations with the residents, she was touched by their determination to embrace life in a place that is as picturesque as it is inconvenient. HERA conveys the essence of this perseverance through her signature combination of art and poetry, capturing the notion that facing challenges makes life’s sweet moments even more cherished.

Photo by Wallkandy

For this mural, HERA selected the image of a cat to represent the wild spirits of Civitacampomarano. Cats, often seen roaming the village, embody grace, independence, and a certain wildness – qualities that resonated with the stories of the people living here.

But HERA didn’t stop with this one magnificent mural. She also ventured into the abandoned parts of Civitacampomarano to create smaller, spontaneous works of art. These hidden treasures, although smaller in scale, are just as significant in capturing the spirit of street art and the village’s soul.

Photo by Wallkandy

“Wild Child” is more than just a mural; it’s a celebration of the human spirit, a testament to the beauty that arises when creativity meets determination and perseverance.

If you’re ever in Civitacampomarano, be sure to wander its charming streets and experience the grace of “Wild Child” and HERA’s hidden gems.

For a glimpse of HERA’s enthralling works, you can follow her on Instagram at @hera_herakut.

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Photo by Wallkandy
Photo by Wallkandy


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