Stitching Time: Fabian Bane Florin’s 3D-Anamorphic Mural ‘Cut Through History’ in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Street Artist Fabian Bane Florin

The city of Frauenfeld, Switzerland, just got a bit more colorful thanks to a stunning new mural by Fabian Bane Florin. Titled “Cut Through History,” this magnificent piece was created for the Street Art Festival Frauenfeld, bringing a rich blend of history and art to life.

The mural features a 3D-anamorphic painting of a seamstress, lost in concentration as she works with a piece of red cloth. This captivating piece pays homage to the building it graces, which once housed a tailoring shop. In this way, Florin’s work threads together past and present, building a bridge between the location’s history and its current existence.

Speaking about his work, Florin said, “With this work, I wanted to express my respect for the place and its past. A special thanks goes to the organizers of the Street Art Festival Frauenfeld for a great week and as always to my friend and assistant Robert Dörre.”

The model for the painting, @jennysoldano, also deserves mention for bringing this extraordinary piece of art to life.

It’s always inspiring to see street artists like Fabian Bane Florin use their talent to honor a place’s history while also adding a touch of beauty and intrigue to our everyday surroundings. If you’ve captured a snapshot of this remarkable mural, we invite you to share it in our Facebook group, Your Street Art Utopia. Let’s celebrate and spread the beauty of street art together!

For more on Fabian Bane Florin and his breathtaking street art, follow him on Instagram Fabian Bane Florin.

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