Discovering the #HOPEmural: A Symbol of Inspiration in Chisinau, Moldova

In the bustling city of Chisinau, Moldova, a remarkable mural has emerged on Bulevardul Dacia 47/6, captivating the hearts of locals and art enthusiasts. Known as the #HOPEmural, this vibrant artwork is the result of a collaboration between mural artist Dmitri Potapov (BTA), his collaborator Victor Zucker, and the support of Ogilvy Moldova.

The #HOPEmural project aims to beautify Chisinau and put Moldova’s art scene on the international map. Created with the intention of instilling hope in the viewers, the mural serves as a visual representation of the human spirit’s resilience and the power of art to inspire positive change.

Gratitude is extended to Dmitri Potapov, Victor Zucker, the ACC Nr. 132 Residents’ Association, Stadionul administration, and all the suppliers who played a crucial role in bringing this project to life. Their combined efforts have transformed a once blank wall into a vibrant artwork.

The #HOPEmural invites passersby to lift their gaze and find solace in its vibrant colors and captivating imagery.

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