Charming mural by Dadospuntocero in Langreo, Spain

Street Artist Dadospuntocero

By Dadospuntocero in Langreo, Spain.

David Esteban Hernández, born in León in 1984, has made a name for himself in the world of muralism under the professional pseudonym ‘Dadospuntocero’. His journey into the realm of large-scale art began at the dawn of the new millennium, following his education at the School of Art in León. Despite pursuing further studies in social work, his passion for transforming spaces with the vivid hues of spray paint remained undimmed.

His academic background only enhanced his capability to inject personal flair into public spaces, curating thoughtful interventions that resonate with onlookers. Dadospuntocero is a master of perspective, deftly playing with viewer’s perception to create an immersive, three-dimensional experience that transcends the surface of his murals, delving into the profound depths of the context.

The hallmark of Dadospuntocero’s murals is the harmonious fusion of his unique vision with his chosen subjects. He frequently conjures whimsical portrayals of everyday objects, often finding inspiration at the intersection of the discarded and the natural. This distinctive style captures the imagination of the audience, serving as a testament to his extraordinary skill as a muralist.

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