This bus stop in Brazil, before and after an artist added their touch

In the bustling city of Campo Grande, Brazil, an abandoned bus stop has been revived and reimagined by DUUDOOR, an innovative artist collective consisting of father and son duo, Ernando Jacques Sanches and Eduardo Fernando Savala Sanches.

The pair had been on a hiatus from art, seeking inspiration and motivation to return to creating. When some friends showed them a project where a local artist had infused new life into a bus stop with Simpsons-themed art in Porto Murtinho, they knew they had found their muse.

Excited by the idea of not only creating art but also revitalizing neglected urban spaces, DUUDOOR set to work on their own bus stop project. What emerged was not just an aesthetic transformation of an ordinary space, but a demonstration of the power of art to spark joy and community engagement.

After completion, they reflected on the gratifying experience of witnessing the impact of their art. It was a reminder of art’s power to transform and inspire. This first project was financed solely by DUUDOOR’s own resources, but their work’s impact has led to offers of support for future projects, for which they are deeply appreciative.

Rejuvenating forgotten corners of the city with art, DUUDOOR‚Äôs project is a testament to the transformative power of creativity. Their initiative invites us all to imagine how we might use our own talents to breathe life into spaces around us. It’s a powerful example of how art can not only beautify a space but also bring together a community.

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