“King Kong Balls”: The Unmistakable Bronze Spectacle by Denis Defrancesco

King Kong Balls is a 5.04 meters long, 2.10 meters wide, 2.25 meters high, Weight 2780 kg (6128 lbs) Bronze sculpture by Sculptor Denis Defrancesco.

Denis Defrancesco, a renowned sculptor, has brought the gargantuan legend of King Kong to life – with a twist. His monumental sculpture “King Kong Balls” stands at 5.04 meters long, 2.10 meters wide, and 2.25 meters high. Weighing a massive 2780 kg, this bronze masterpiece has been grabbing attention since its inception in 2019.

The sculpture was initially displayed on the picturesque Pařížská street in Josefov, Prague, Czechia. Nowadays, “King Kong Balls” is on a global journey, capturing the imagination of people across various countries. To track its voyage, you can follow the sculpture’s very own Instagram account here.

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The Artist’s Perspective

Denis Defrancesco shares a captivating perspective on his creation. “King Kong’s Balls, the Gaze of a King, the Royal Pause for the gallery… Between Conceit and indifference, a certain idea of freedom cast in bronze… Sculpt and let the sculpture speak for itself,” he remarks.

He challenges the viewer’s perception, stating, “Those who will see nothing but its attributes will have seen nothing, understood nothing…” For him, the sculpture serves to unsettle the ‘right-minded,’ to trick the naive, and to question the rigidity of conformism.

Defrancesco’s King Kong stands as a figure of calm resistance, an untamed creature whose gaze is fixated on the distance, far away from the narrow-minded human world. He dreams of a paradise lost, with no cages or masters, only freedom at the foot of his tree.

The sculpture, while inviting a myriad of interpretations, essentially symbolizes a yearning for liberation and a rejection of conformity. Its audacious presence serves as a call to the ‘Great Awakening.’

As Defrancesco muses, “His balls out in the open like coconuts thrown in the faces of conformism… His balls like gongs to summon the Great Awakening,” the sculpture urges a bold awakening of consciousness and a reevaluation of societal norms.

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