Le CyKlop: Turning the Ordinary into One-Eyed Wonders

By putting an eye on them, I try to bring them to life, give them a soul and give birth to a form of fantasy.

Think about the mythical creature, the Cyclops, sporting a single eye in the center of its forehead. Now imagine seeing Cyclops-inspired art embedded in your everyday urban landscape! This is exactly what the French street artist, Le CyKlop, accomplishes with his witty, transformative art.

Hailing from the vivacious city of Paris, Le CyKlop’s affinity for street art was ignited during the flourishing graffiti culture of the 1980s. However, his fascination was not confined to the freedom and spontaneity of street art; he was captivated by the potential to transfigure the ordinary world into an extraordinary canvas.

“I try to break free from conventional supports such as walls or canvas, to invest in objects. By putting an eye on them, I try to bring them to life, give them a soul and give birth to a form of fantasy,” Le CyKlop explains. He further adds, “A playful and anthropomorphic art that borrows its artistic language from toys, comics or animal bestiary. By drawing on the history of the Cyclops, I revisiting Greek mythology.”

Rather than utilizing paint on a blank wall, Le CyKlop views everyday street fixtures, particularly the humble bollard, as unique canvases. These mundane posts, with a splash of paint and a sprinkle of imagination, transform into one-eyed creatures. Suddenly, these functional items, often overlooked, develop a life of their own, morphing into Cyclopean characters overseeing the city streets.

Each work by Le CyKlop is distinctive. Some bollards wear a simplistic, single eye, while others are adorned with faces, topped with an array of hats, or other playful accessories. Yet they all share a common trait – a single, unblinking eye witnessing the world.

Le CyKlop’s artistry is not confined to Paris. His Cyclops have invaded streets worldwide, sprouting up in different countries and infusing a sense of whimsy wherever they make an appearance. His work challenges us to perceive our everyday environment in a new light, to unearth joy in the most unexpected places.

The visionary artist’s journey continues unabated. Le CyKlop plans to press ahead with his mission to metamorphose ordinary bollards into extraordinary pieces of art, radiating smiles and igniting curiosity in everyone who encounters his work.

Le CyKlop‚Äôs work underscores the transformative power of imagination. His one-eyed wonders encourage us to view the world with a playful spirit, to explore creativity, and to recognize the potential for art in our daily surroundings. So next time you’re out and about, stay alert – you might just encounter a Cyclops of your own!

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From everyday bollards to mythical creatures, Le CyKlop continues to surprise and inspire with his inventive street art. His creativity encourages us to find delight and inspiration in our everyday settings, proving that the streets truly serve as a canvas for our imagination.

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