43 Purrfect Street Art Pieces: A Tribute to Our Feline Friends

About: The Giant Kitten

Feline Inspired Street Art: A Global Phenomenon

The world of street art is a vibrant, ever-evolving canvas that reflects the thoughts, ideas, and aesthetics of diverse cultures around the globe. Among this profusion of creativity, one subject stands out and continues to inspire artists across borders and continents – the cat.

This feline-inspired street art phenomenon is far-reaching, with each corner of the world lending its own unique perspective to the representation of cats in public art.

In the bustling cities of Japan, for example, where the cat is considered a symbol of good luck, you might spot murals depicting ‘Maneki-neko’ or the ‘beckoning cat’, a common Japanese talisman believed to bring fortune and prosperity.

Across the Atlantic, in the urban landscapes of New York or Los Angeles, artists portray cats as emblems of the city’s spirit – independent, resourceful, and resilient. These murals often depict cats prowling rooftops or lounging lazily in the sun-drenched corners of the city, much like their human counterparts.

About: The Red Cat Mural: A Street Art Piece by LeHo Artwork in Taipei

About: They made a statue to honor a stray cat that used to sit in this position and watch the passers by

Down under in Australia, you might come across vibrant murals that pay tribute to the local wildlife, featuring the mysterious and elusive native feline species like the Quokka.

Europe, too, boasts a rich tapestry of cat-themed street art. In the ancient city of Istanbul (Constantinople), cats have a longstanding association with the local community, and this is reflected in the numerous cat murals adorning the city’s historic walls.

The fascinating thing about this global phenomenon is the ability of street art to reflect not only the individual artist’s perception of cats but also to capture the cultural essence and local flavor of each place. Thus, each piece becomes a dialogue between the artist, the audience, and the city itself, making feline-inspired street art a truly global artistic language.

About: Street (cat) Art by SWIFTMANTIS in Papaioea, New Zealand (4 photos)

Cats: Symbols of Mystery and Independence

In many cultures, cats are seen as symbols of mystery and independence. Their stealthy nature and graceful movements have been captured beautifully by various street artists, who use their work to reflect these qualities.

About: Street Art by DALeast – In Paris, France

A Reflection of Local Culture

In many cases, these cat-themed murals and installations also reflect the local culture and environment. Artists may incorporate elements of their city’s history or landmarks alongside these feline figures, creating unique pieces that offer commentary on local life.

About: Cat! – Street art by Näutil in Réthoville, France (9 photos)

An Expression of Personal Style

From hyper-realistic murals to abstract depictions, each artist’s interpretation of their feline subject reflects their personal style and the specific message they aim to convey. Some may highlight the playfulness of cats, while others may emphasize their aloofness or predatory instincts.

Photo by Strangefruit Street Art.

About: Pelle Svanslös mural by Charlie Granberg in Uppsala, Sweden.

A Nod to Famous Felines

Several street art pieces around the world pay tribute to famous cats from popular culture, be it cartoons, literature, or internet memes. These pieces often add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to their surroundings.

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About: Summer and Winter by Braga Last One in southern France (6 photos and video)

About: 6 pics: Lynx Cat – Made of plastic waste by BORDALO II in Lisboa, Portugal

About: Street Art in Valparaíso, Chile

About: Cat by Stamatis Laskos in Naousa, Imathia, Greece

About: Cat Mural by Dan Leo (+ 4 more animals)

About: Meow meow (5 photos)

About: Cat In A Box – By Vladi in Hong Kong

About: A feast for the eyes with the enchanting cat mural by artist Uriginal in Barcelona (4 photos)

About: Sleeping Painted Cat by Jack Lack in Grenoble, France

About: Black Cat mural by 3MK in Ptolemaida, Greece

About: Cute Star Cat by Sagie in Jönköping, Sweden

About: Cat waiting for mouse – 11 Paste Ups by LIZ ART BERLIN

About: ‘Rustle in Feilding’ – Cat mural by SWIFTMANTIS at Manawatū Street Art Festival in Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

About: Meet Olive, she’s a Christchurch city stray cat and she’s in need of a home! Mural by SWIFTMANTIS in New Zealand

About: Cat in London by Neon Artist David Speeduk

About: Cat Lover by Spray Lover in Lisbon, Portugal (4 photos)

About: Cat mural by LexusOne in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

About: We will meet again in another life when we are both cats

About: The natural movement of this cat sculpture is amazing

About: All Cats Are Beautiful (Dirty Van Art)

About: There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat

About: Cat – Street Art by JPS

About: Sleeping kitten 2 by WA in Lima, Peru

About: Big ginger kitten escaping from the side of the building

About: 1312 Hello Kitty

About: Street Artist N.M in Flensburg, Germany

About: Happy Cats! – In Kyiv, Ukraine

About: Unknown artist and location

About: Snow Cats climbing trees

About: Cat lights in Zelenogradsk, Russia

About: This is in Germany, made to honor all homeless cats (3 pics)

About: #caturstones on #caturday

About: The Cat Trace (Caturday #69)

About: Street Art by 0331C – A Collection

About: House turned into a giant cardboard box with a cat

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