New mural in Belfast!: Studio Giftig’s Flax Flower Mural at Hit the North 2023

A Flourishing New Start

Studio Giftig, the talented artist duo from the Netherlands, has unveiled a captivating new mural at Hit the North 2023, Ireland’s largest street art festival, in Belfast, UK. The artwork features flax flowers, symbolizing new beginnings and paying tribute to the city’s rich history of linen production. Join us as we explore the inspiration and meaning behind this stunning mural and learn more about the artists themselves.

The Artwork: Flax Flowers and New Beginnings

Studio Giftig’s mural, painted on a former linen mill in Belfast, beautifully depicts flax flowers, which have long been a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings. In local tradition, flax plants are gifted to newlyweds to bless their new homes. The mural’s vibrant colors and intricate details bring life to the once-industrial building, celebrating the city’s heritage and the spirit of renewal.

The Artists: Studio Giftig’s Journey

Comprised of Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek, Studio Giftig is a Netherlands-based artist duo known for their highly detailed and (sur)realistic murals. The two artists began collaborating in 2007 and have since developed a unique visual language that sets their work apart. Today, Studio Giftig creates both autonomous work and pieces for galleries and prominent clients, leaving their mark on urban landscapes worldwide.

Discover More of Studio Giftig’s Work

To learn more about Studio Giftig and their extraordinary street art, be sure to follow them on Instagram and visit their website. We also invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with Studio Giftig’s work in our Facebook group, Your Street Art Utopia.

Embracing Renewal and Belfast’s Heritage

Studio Giftig’s flax flower mural at Hit the North 2023 in Belfast is a breathtaking tribute to the city’s linen industry and a symbol of new beginnings. The artwork showcases the incredible talent of the artist duo and their ability to bring life and meaning to urban spaces. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire this remarkable piece and celebrate the vibrant heritage of Belfast.

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