14 pics: Street Artist CIBO use food to spread tasty values

CIBO: Passion fruit to cover up no com-passion ideologies.

Cibo is an Italian street artist known for his unique and playful food-themed murals.

Born and raised in Milan, Cibo (which means “food” in Italian) started his artistic journey by painting on the walls of his city. His artworks are often characterized by large, colorful, and appetizing depictions of food items, including pizzas, burgers, fruits, and more.

Cibo’s mission is to bring happiness and positivity to the streets with his delightful food-themed murals. His artworks not only evoke a sense of joy but also help in creating an engaging atmosphere in the urban landscape. Cibo’s creative approach to street art has earned him a significant following and made him a well-known figure in the global street art community.

You can find more information about Cibo and his artworks by visiting his Instagram profile or searching for his murals using the hashtag #cibo_streetart on social media platforms.

CIBO: Threats are the call of cowards and the secret ingredient of my kitchen! It happens in Zevio, Verona, Italy and I was waiting them with appetite!

CIBO: You can find eggs in everyone kitchen all around the World. Entree, desserts, breakfast and buffets: there are no limits for eggs!

I prefer to eat strawberries with cream and you?

CIBO: An apple a day keeps anti-vaxxer away

CIBO: Pizza against Nazi

CIBO: Do have nazis a partner? What do you think? I think they must have lack of love in their life…


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