White Rabbit by URZE and CHAD in Puebla, Mexico

Suprema Caligrafia Crew

By URZE and CHAD from Suprema Caligrafia Crew in Container City, Puebla, Mexico.

Chad, also known as “Le Chad,” is a French calligraffiti artist who combines the art of calligraphy and graffiti to create unique and intricate street art. Although not much is known about his personal life, Chad’s art has gained recognition for its distinctive style and striking visuals.

Calligraffiti, a term coined by Niels Meulman, is a form of street art that merges traditional calligraphy with the edgy, urban aesthetics of graffiti. This fusion allows artists like Chad to explore the beauty of letterforms while maintaining the boldness and energy associated with graffiti.

Le Chad’s work is characterized by elaborate, flowing letters and intricate patterns that often intertwine with each other, creating a mesmerizing effect. His art can be found on walls, canvases, and various urban surfaces, showcasing a wide range of techniques and mediums. From large-scale murals to smaller, more detailed pieces, Chad’s calligraffiti showcases his exceptional skill and creativity.

Le Chad’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and art festivals, and he has collaborated with other prominent artists in the street art community. His unique style and approach to calligraffiti have solidified his place as a respected figure in the world of urban art.

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