A +100 years Old Dog’s Grave Receives Heartfelt Tributes with Sticks in Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery, located in Brooklyn, New York City, is famous for being the final resting place of numerous well-known figures such as composer Leonard Bernstein, photographer Charles Ebbets, and artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

However, among the 478-acre cemetery, a small gravestone dedicated to a dog named Rex, who died over 100 years ago, has captured the hearts of many.

Rex’s grave has attracted significant attention, with visitors flocking to pay their respects to the beloved canine. In a touching tribute, people have been placing sticks across the statue’s paws, turning it into a heartwarming tradition. The gravestone, situated beneath a tree, has made it convenient for passersby to gather sticks and offer them to Rex.

Rumored to have been the cherished pet of fruit merchant John E. Stow, Rex was buried alongside his owner in accordance with Stow’s wishes.

While there are four other dogs buried at Green-Wood Cemetery, Rex was believed to be the last due to public opposition to animal interment.

In April 2016, the cemetery hosted a tour showcasing the graves of Rex and the other dogs buried there. This is how the public became aware of Rex and the other dogs laid to rest within the memorial park. Rex’s grave can be found in Lot 2925, Section 81 of Green-Wood Cemetery for those interested in paying their respects.

Stacy Locke, Communications Manager at Green-Wood Cemetery, shared, “People will drop a stick across his little paws. Someone also left a picture of a dog there once, maybe their little pet who passed away, as to say, ‘Rex, look after my little one.’”

The growing collection of sticks and images of Rex’s grave have circulated widely online, sparking curiosity and warm sentiments from the public. This unique tribute to a century-old canine reflects the deep bond between humans and their pets, reminding us of the lasting impact our animal companions have on our lives.

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