9 Street Art Masterpieces Around the World Standing United with Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine over a year ago, street artists worldwide have wielded their brushes and spray paints, creating a powerful collection of anti-war murals and protest art.

These artists visually express their resistance to the war in Ukraine and advocate for fundamental human rights and values.

We’ve curated a collection of street art by artists who dedicate their creative talents to supporting peace in Ukraine. These striking pieces serve as reminders of the human cost of war while displaying solidarity against the conflict in Ukraine, often alongside fundraising efforts.

Sasha Korban

Sasha Korban‘s mural in Kyiv emerged in mid-April, as battles for the liberation of Bucha and Irpin unfolded nearby. His work, characterized by a fusion of photorealism and Pop Art, has evolved to reflect violent power struggles. Korban’s large-scale murals promote peace throughout Ukraine, including a 2018 piece titled Milana in Mariupol, a city facing a devastating humanitarian crisis.

Justus Becker

German artist Justus Becker painted a giant dove of peace for Ukraine on the exterior of a downtown Frankfurt building. The dove holds an olive branch in Ukraine’s national colors, symbolizing hope and solidarity. Becker spent three days creating this powerful street art piece.

Christian Guemy

French street artist Christian Guemy, also known as C215, flew to Ukraine to paint serene and innocent images on Kyiv’s walls as the war broke out. Following the Russian invasion, the former Banksy collaborator created a massive mural of a girl in Ukrainian flag colors on a Paris apartment building.

Despite the risks, C215 felt compelled to travel to Ukraine to help in any way he could. He has since painted several murals across Kyiv, including a poignant image of a girl wearing a flower headband near a heavily damaged metro station. More: 17 pics – Art in War – Photo Story By Street Artist C215 in Ukraine 2022

Seth Globepainter

Paris-based muralist Julien Malland, known as Seth Globepainter, creates art that captures local communities’ cultural and socioeconomic nuances. Malland’s work in Paris’s 13th arrondissement blends his recurring theme of childhood play with symbols of war, expressing hope for a better future.


Los Angeles street artist HIJACK opposes Putin’s war on Ukraine, giving a voice to children suffering in the war-torn country or fleeing brutal bombings. His feline silhouette piece titled War Child appeared on a building wall in Fairfax, Los Angeles. Like many fellow street artists, HIJACK has released prints of his work to support Ukrainian families and children during this crisis. More by HIJACK: Street Art by HIJACK – A Collection (42 photos)

Krišs Salmanis

In Riga, Latvia’s capital, the Museum of the History of Medicine showcased a large banner featuring a skull-shaped portrait of Vladimir Putin on its facade. Positioned opposite the Russian Embassy of Latvia, the museum conveys a strong stance against the war in Ukraine. Conceptual artist Krišs Salmanis created the poster, which was initially commissioned as the cover image for Ir magazine. More photos.


A mural depicting Putin, Hitler, and Stalin with the slogan “No More Time” adorns a wall outside the PKM Gdansk Jasien railway station. This powerful piece is the first in a series of anti-war “Solidarity with Ukraine” murals emerging in Gdansk and is the work of renowned Polish street artist Piotr Tuse Jaworski, better known as TUSE.

Pappas Pärlor

Swedish street artist Johan Karlgren, known as Pappas Pärlor, crafts interactive street art that enlivens everyday environments. His pixelated characters, inspired by his love for old-school video games, bring a unique touch to his creations. In Motala, Sweden, Pappas Pärlor used this signature style to depict Putin behind bars, adding his voice to the global artistic protest against the war in Ukraine. More by the artist: 87 Perler Beads by Pappas Pärlor -Collection 1

My Dog Sighs

Beautiful artwork of a crying eye featuring Ukraine’s flag and bombing of capital Kyiv. My Dog Sighs: We’ve all sat and watched this hideous situation unfurl and while it’s not much, I wanted to do what I know best, (throwing paint) to highlight my sadness and anger over the Ukrainian invasion by Russia.

Some more street art in support of Ukraine:

Mural by Banksy in Ukraine depicts a boy throwing Putin to the ground (4 photos)

FCK You Putin

PɇaceMaker – At House of Peace in Geneva, Switzerland

Putin as Lord Voldemort by Kawu in Wilda, Poznań, Poland

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