PichiAvo Fuses Classic Graffiti with Ancient Art in Stunning Mérida Mural

Renowned street artists PichiAvo have unveiled a striking mural in Mérida, Spain, that seamlessly blends classic graffiti with ancient Roman art

Situated near the city’s historic Roman circus, the duo has created a contemporary reinterpretation of the Venus del Mitreo, a headless sculpture exhibited at the nearby National Museum of Roman Art.

PichiAvo‘s signature style shines through in this piece, as the artists have incorporated bold graffiti lettering into the background of the mural. This infusion of classic street art elements with the Aphrodite of Syracuse from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens creates a visually compelling fusion of old and new.

The “Diaspasis” concept, which the artists have been exploring recently, comes to life in this mural. It examines the absence of matter, the fragmentation of archeological relics, and the reconstruction of classical masterpieces from new perspectives. By merging classic graffiti with ancient art, PichiAvo highlights the enduring influence and appeal of both art forms.

This captivating project was made possible thanks to the support of Mérida’s City Hall, the local art community, and curator Julio C. Vázquez Ortiz. The mesmerizing mural serves as a beautiful tribute to Mérida’s rich cultural history while showcasing PichiAvo’s unique ability to bridge the gap between ancient and modern art forms.

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