11 photos of Street Artist David Zinn

David Zinn: “One nice thing about being drawn in a schoolyard is that you always make some friends”

Chalk Artist David Zinn

David Zinn is an old favorite on Street Art Utopia! He is an American artist known for his street art and illustrations, often featuring fantastical creatures and characters. Here in this blog post, we have collected some of his latest works.

His primary tool is chalk, which is easily washed away by rain. David Zinn’s work can be found on sidewalks, walls, and other surfaces in cities around the world, and he has also created illustrations for books and other publications. He is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

David Zinn’s art is not only visually striking, but it also brings playfulness to the streets.

One of the unique aspects of his art is the way he works with communities to create art that is meaningful and relevant to the area. David Zinn’s art is not only a visual treat, but also a mental one.

One way David Zinn works with communities is by creating temporary art installations that are specific to the location. Some would say it’s the ultimate street art, art that takes location into account.

David Zinn often interacts with the community while creating his art. He encourages people to stop and talk to him while he’s working, and he’s always happy to answer questions and explain his process.

Nathan removed the thorn but couldn’t do anything about the mane problem

Nathan’s life goal is to redefine “squirrelly.”

Freida enjoys watching for people who are having dull days and then solving that problem

John’s morning was rattled by the realization that he had left the house in his slippers

Laurence lets himself worry for the duration of one cup of coffee

Marv has decided to remain bundled up until the joys of wintertime show themselves

Rosie always wears a white shirt regardless, so dressing up for the holidays just comes naturally

Lucius has come to the realization that he might be a hole-digging overachiever

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