6 Murals by STEEP: A Cultural and Visual Journey

“Guías” by STEEP in Maracay, Venezuela

Street Artist STEEP

Murals by STEEP from the vibrant street art scene of Ecuador.

“Consejo del agua” by STEEP in Lisboa, Portugal for Festival Internacional MURO

Ecuador is a country with a lively street art and graffiti scene that is definitely worth checking out!

STEEP are born in Ecuador, a country full of amazing murals. The city of Quito, the nation’s capital, is covered in a ton of street art; it resembles an outdoor gallery. Many of Ecuador’s street artists include political and social commentary in their works, which is quite thought-provoking and offers a window into the society and culture of the country.

With both local and foreign artists traveling to Ecuador to create enormous murals and street art installations, the country’s street art culture has expanded quickly in recent years. Street art is a terrific way to liven up cities, and both the public and commercial sectors have started to show interest in it. They are hiring artists to make pieces for public locations.

There are additional cities in Ecuador besides Quito with active street art scenes, including Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Loja. It’s fascinating to observe how different each city’s approach to art is.

Overall, Ecuador’s street art and graffiti landscape is varied and dynamic, with new creators and trends appearing frequently. If you enjoy street art, I strongly suggest checking it out while you are in Ecuador; it’s a fun and eye-catching experience.

“Prana” at Festival Internacional Huellas del Arte in Maracay, Venezuela

“Dios del Inicio” by STEEP in Cali, Colombia at II Bienal Internacional de Muralismo y Arte Público

“Planeta gigante” by STEEP in Maracay Estado Aragua, Venezuela at Festival Internacional Huellas del Arte

“Protectora” mural by STEEP in In Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador

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