MR Tlaloc – Huge mural by Stelios Pupet in Athens, Greece (7 photos)

Street Artist Stelios Pupet

“MR Tlaloc” by Stelios Pupet in Athens, Greece. Photos by Dimitris Maniatis.

Stelios Pupet: I was planning this project since the summer but was only able to do it these past couple of weeks. This is my first attempt at painting something on a floor and I think it went well. The floor also gave me the opportunity to paint something very big, with much less difficulty than painting on an upright surface, which would not have been as enjoyable due to my fear of heights. Many mANy MANY THANKS to my man Dimitris Maniatis for coming these days there, taking pictures and documenting the project. Without him it wouldn’t have been possible! Hopefully a short video of the making will be posted at some point in the ‘near’ future.

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