“The Wave Is Coming” by Shozy in Balashikha, Russia

Street Artist Shozy

“The Wave Is Coming” by Shozy for International Mural Festival. You can find the facade at Zheleznodorozhny, Novaya, 7 in Balashikha, Russia.

Shozy (direct translation): This is a 14-story panel house with an illusory end. Distorting and bubbling windows create dissonance with the usual geometry of panels. Some floors glitch apart, adding a digital spice, the seams between the panels bend, creating the base of an illusory form, and the composition is completed by a slit in the sky that devastates the house. Like other works in this series, this façade invites the viewer to look at familiar things from a new point of view, look for aesthetics among painfully familiar elements of the Russian urban landscape and simply be surprised, deceived, but still satisfied.

More from the serie: It’s all about perspective

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