Mural by Bozik in Kazan, Russia (3 photos)

Street Artist Bozik

By Bozik in Kazan, Russia at УРАМ organized by Anya Pushkova and Can.

Bozik (direct translation): On June 26, in Kazan, in Uram Park УРАМ, the City Youth Day was held and many venues related to sports, street culture and art were organized. As part of this festival, my Bro Gooze and I created our drawings on the large pillars of the Millennium Bridge! It was a super sprint for 2 days! I don’t know how we managed then, but we had towers for two days from morning to evening. Gooze decided to draw Bars as one of the symbols of Tatarstan and made a sketch of a female leopard. I made a male leopard for balance. The drawing for me turned out to be very sincere despite the complexity and large volume in a very short time. Once again, the drawing flew out from under my hand by itself, and as usual, I usually understand the meaning of what was drawn after it materialized on the wall. I do not want to describe what I put into this picture, I wonder what you will see. If there is time and desire, I will be very glad to read the interpretation of the resulting fairy tale in the comments.

The other mural: Mural on the Kazan symbol: Leopard (by Gooze Art in Kazan, Russia)

More by Bozik: “Forest guardian” by Bozik in Miass, Russia

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