Art from museums to the streets: Renaissance inspired mural by Snap and EZKOR in Reinosa, Spain

Street Artists Snap and EZKOR

Mural inspired by Pierre Auguste Cot painting “The Spring of 1873”. A collaboration by Snap and EZKOR in Reinosa, Spain for Galeria Vertical.

The project tries to take art from museums to the streets, to show the art of the great painters

Galeria Vertical (direct translation): Snap Santoyo and Jorge Oviedo are two artists who met by chance, and a mural brought them together for the first time until today. It is evident that this artistic group and its project are going to have a great future. Both are in love with the images of Baroque art, Romanticism, the Renaissance.

The project tries to take art from museums to the streets, to show the art of the great painters, in the middle of public thoroughfares, so that anyone who does not have access to a museum has an immediate opportunity and can awaken interest in the culture and painting.

That is why this murals have this explosive mixture of graffiti, the pure and simple street, and images of the most revered paintings. A mixture that is brutal, almost criminal, but it is this provocation that makes the murals not go unnoticed. In this case they wanted to pay homage to the French painter Pierre Auguste Cot with the representation of his painting The Spring of 1873.

It is wonderful to see them paint together in unison, to see the skill with which they handle the spray, the infinity of tones that their skins have, their delicacy in their work and above all their passion, their total dedication to the wall.

They are from Monterrey, Mexico and have come to Europe to make their mark on European mural art projects, having already won two awards in Italy. So we have been more than lucky to have you visit Vertical Gallery. We already have a jewel of these two artists with capital letters. It has been a pleasure to enjoy the company and friendliness of these two artists. We have laughed a lot at their expressions and they even more at ours, same language, different feeling, we have learned a lot from their wonderful culture. We will not forget you neither in Calle de Los Formidables 7, nor in Reinosa, nor in Galeria Vertical. A thousand thanks for this gift and a thousand applause for you.


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