5 pics: ‘Hive Mind’ by Nomad Clan at Zilvermaan in Groningen, The Netherlands

Queer muralist duo Nomad Clan

‘Hive Mind’ by Nomad Clan, (CBLOXX and AYLO NOMAD) at Zilvermaan in Groningen, The Netherlands for Writer’s Block.

Nomad Clan: This mural is part of the ‘Keep going, keep growing’ series of public artworks by Nomad Clan exploring the essence of well being and self care in challenging times.

Joining the dots between life, nature and the universe. Its a delicate yet intrinsically connected Web, linking the beauty and mystery of life and how WE and other living organisms are a valuable part of the equation.

A recent study published in Royal society open science journal shows that fungi send electric signals through their Mycelium networks to communicate and process information internally, though its not clear what they are saying it is believed they maybe signaling information about food or injury. 

What happens when we move towards collective consciousness as opposed to polarised & isolated systems, when we look at the principles that we and everything in the universe are all made of the same elements in different measures? 

Writer’s Block: Muralist duo Nomad Clan came, saw, and conquered with this incredible mural in Groningen in just a short week. They combined this huge marble head with botanical elements, showing a beautiful collaboration of nature, humanity, and art. Awesome work!

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