Male fragility – Mural by Alba Fabre Sacristán at Rexenera Fest in Carballo, Spain

Street Artist Alba Fabre Sacristán

By Alba Fabre Sacristán at Avenida da Milagrosa, 23 in Carballo, Spain for Rexenera Fest. Photos by Bastian Rodríguez.

Rexenera Fest: Alba Fabre tends to construct poetic narratives from an open and inconclusive point of view. His work, located on Avenida da Milagrosa, introduces us to the intimacy of an anonymous couple, in a moment of union in which different ideas are whispered in a veiled way, deconstructing certain roles of classical art and bringing them to our contemporaneity.

Male fragility, vulnerability, and sensitivity contrast with the strength and wholeness of the female figure, while their bodies merge to form a delicate, powerful image under a quick, precise brushstroke.

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