4 pics: Mural by Nuno Viegas at Bring The Paint festival 2022 in Leicester

Post Graffiti Artist Nuno Viegas

“Glove x 400ml SOW01-TYBG” by Nuno Viegas at 7 Southampton St. in Leicester, UK for Bring The Paint Graffiti Festival.

Nuno Viegas: Here is my contribution for the Bring The Paint festival 2022 in Leicester! What a festival! Awesome mix between graffiti and street art, awesome vibe in the city, awesome organization, well just great all around! Congrats to the all in the Bring The Paint Crew and everyone who has supported them, for putting up such a nice event! ūüôĆ Thank you very much for giving me the chance to join and experience this event.

I have been missing a lot this vibe. Meeting new people, some of them artists and writers I am a BIG fan off, to meet in person some long time supporters, to share and absorb knowledge, to grow, to see new masterpieces in flesh and to solidify the ideia that this movement is made mostly out of super nice people!

Special thanks to VOYDER for being cool about me going over his piece made in BTP2017! Thanks man! Great to finally meet in person ūüôĆ Make sure to check the works of all the artists and writers at the Bring The Paint page.

More by Nuno Viegas: Mural by NUNO VIEGAS in Ghent, Belgium


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