5 Photos of Mural by The Visual Poet Cris Herrera Kiki in San Luis, Argentina

Street Artist Cris Herrera Kiki

By Cris Herrera KIKI in San Luis, Argentina for the festival Pinta San Luis – Muralismo.

KIKI: It’s hard to think of the moment when I really became an artist. Maybe I was always an artist, unconsciously. I dare say we are all born artists, but we lose curiosity as we grow up. The worlds we create and the games we play when we are young makes us artists. Over time we stop being artists as we get older, in my case it never stopped.

KIKI: In the end nothing is mine, we are the result of what happens for us, I simply let it be, (the really difficult thing is to let it be) letting it be gives us a unique identity in art. In the end, it does not matter how that identity is configured, what matters is what it communicates, what the viewer perceives.


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