7 pics: Mural by DriDali at the Art Alberic in Alberic, Valencia

Street Artist DriDali

By DriDali in Alberic, Valencia, Spain. Photos by Carlos.

DriDali: Work done at the Art Alberic in Alberic, Valencia. I really wanted to paint this photograph that I took in Senegal in 2018, a trip that taught me a lot.

DriDali BIO:

Adrián Mateo known artistically as Dridali, is an urban artist born in 1995 in the city of Valencia, Spain. Dridali started in the world of Urban Art in April 2017, and what started as a hobby has become his way of life, creating his own company as a freelance artist. His work by him focuses on creating faces of people with a hyper-realistic style that characterizes him, mainly using the spray technique, however he does works of different themes and scope, thus demonstrating his versatility by him. “I try that my work is not a simple reproduction of a photograph, my main objective is to represent the perfect expression of the person portrayed, turning the public space into a space for reflection. I am lucky to paint in the largest museum of the world: the street, the one that allows entry to all citizens, regardless of gender,

Diwali’s works can be found in different locations in Spain and in countries such as France, Norway, Morocco, Senegal or Sri Lanka. Dridali is a graduate in Primary Education from the University of Valencia. It was in this university period that he started in the world of Street art. In recent years, he has carried out different educational projects in various schools in Valencia, Morocco and Senegal, where art becomes a tool for social inclusion, always bringing to debate the importance of art not as a discipline, but as something vital. The walls and canvases are not the only category where Dridali paints, he is also a resident tattoo artist at Matata Ink Studio, Valencia (Spain). “It is fascinating to create works so ephemeral on the walls and so eternal on the skins.”


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