Sorgente – Mural by Ligma in Ravanusa, Italy

Street Artist Ligma

“Sorgente” by Ligma in Ravanusa, Italy.

Ligma (direct translation): In 1522, work began to bring the abundant water of the Semini to the inhabited part of the city. Kilometers of tunnels were built, an impressive engineering feat for the time. Thus in 1608 the first public aqueduct of Caltagirone was inaugurated, known as the Acquanuova. More than four centuries ago. The water also had to feed a grandiose fountain commissioned to the Florentine architect and sculptor Camillo Camilliani, which for various reasons remained incomplete and now in its surviving elements is located in the lower part of the Vittorio Emanuele II public garden. In place of the fountain, sinks and drinking troughs and two elegant pillars with spouts were built, decorated with sculptures by Giandomenico Gagini.

“Water is a right for all human beings; without water there is no future. Access to water is a common goal. It is a central element in the country’s social, economic and political fabric. Water is democracy!” Nelson Mandela

More by Ligma: If I look in the mirror I still try to see myself as big


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