Mural by Didier Jaba Mathieu in Singapore

Street Artist Didier Jaba Mathieu

By Didier Jaba Mathieu in Singapore.

Jaba Mathieu: “Lyf” this was by far the hardest mural I get to paint so far. Difficulty was mostly due to the fact this was the first time painting on a gondola. Had to put a lot of pressure on legs and back to stabilize the constant motion of the thing. Also I had to paint really like a printer from top to bottom, it was a succession of 5 stripes that needed to be fully completed one by one. All this with the sun whole day on my back. At the end I’m pretty happy with the result, this might be the latest in mural in Singapore in a while as I’m seeking more freedom in my social life overseas. Love the country and my friends but been an expat for the past two years hasn’t been easy and restrictions finally got me tired.


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