12 pics: David Zinn winter/spring 2022 collection

Chalk Artist David Zinn

By David Zinn in Michigan in Ann Harbor, Michigan, USA.

Ethel always needs reassurance during the first cold snap in March.

Emile’s current mood unflinching anticipation.

Nadine and the Adventure of the Gifted Legume.

Bert has traded in his migratory habits for extra woolly plumage and it’s going pretty well by.

The Subtle Emergence of the Painterly Pollo.

Nadine and the Dry-Footed Crossing.

Beware the crafty camouflage skills of Celeste, the Lop-Eared Bandit.

Paul is 100% coffee hound, but he’d rather be a Latte Apso.

Among all the cracks, things are looking up.

Walking on ice for the first time, Sean suddenly wished his smooth side and prickly side were reversed.

Hannah’s contentment hinges on finding the best places to nap.


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