4 pics: Obelix in Ukraine colors hitting Putin off the hearth

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    Photo by Christopher Zenker.

    Street Artist ZooN & DelysiD

    By ZooN & DelysiD in Südvorstadt, Leipzig, Germany.

    ZooN & DelysiD: “He’s nuts, Putin!” We are in the year 2022 AD. All of Ukraine is occupied by Putin… all of Ukraine? NOOO! A country populated by indomitable Ukrainians does not stop resisting the invader. And life is not easy for the Legionnaires who are in the fortified camps of Belarusum, Lughanzkum, Donetskkum and Crimea. FOR THE FREEDOM, FOR LIFE… BLOW PUTIN OFF THE EARTH! Support @theblackheadquarter. 💜VIVA LA ANARCHIA💜


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