This bus stop in Brazil, before and after an artist added their touch

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    Street Art in Brazil by DUUDOOR

    By the artist collective DUUDOOR in Campo Grande, Brazil. DUUDOOR consists of Eduardo Fernando Savala Sanches and Ernando Jacques Sanches, son and father.

    DUUDOOR: My father Ernando Jacques Sanches and I did this work together. We always produce art, but for a while we were stopped and without motivation, but we wanted to go back to producing, after a period of ideas, some friends showed us a work done in Porto Murtinho, in which the artist restored the bus stop with the Simpsons art and we saw that it would be cool, in addition to making an artwork, we could also restore an abandoned place. After the work was done, it was very gratifying to see what art is capable of. This first job was done with our resources. But some people have already been willing to help us in future work, we thank you in advance.

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