15,947 blue ceramic tiles – The Chapel of Souls

Ceramists Eduardo Leite

By Eduardo Leite in Porto, Portugal. Eduardo covered the church in 1929 with 15,947 blue ceramic tiles (azulejos).

“From the outside, the observer can enjoy the view of its surface fully covered with blue and white ceramic tiles called azulejos, by author Eduardo Leite. The tiles meticulously depict different religious plots, death of Saint Francis of Assisi and martyrdom of Saint Catherine in particular. The coverage of the church dates back to the 20th century, during which the architect perfectly imitated the classic style of the previous century. Also, the front of the building contains a captivating stained glass window, demonstrating das almas, the souls. The author of all the stained glass windows in the Chapel of Souls is Amândio Silva. Unlike the ceramic tile’s design, the painting of those was made in the 19th century. The church has two entrances – the main one into the bell-tower, two stories high.” READ MORE.


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