9 pics: Olivia looks at the sky (Martín Ron in Cordoba)

Muralist Martín Ron

“Olivia mira el cielo” by Martín Ron at Av. J. M. de Pueyrredón 800 in Córdoba, Argentina. Photos by Joaquin Caba & Francisco Buduba.

Martín Ron: “This is the first mural in height that inaugurates the brand new program #artedenuestragente of Municipalidad de Córdoba. It is titled “Olivia looks at the sky” and it reminds us that a few meters from the mural, the Astronomical Center of Córdoba was founded 150 years ago. First Observatory in the Southern Hemisphere from which the neighborhood receives its name Observatorio Astronómico CBA. This work was made in collaboration with my friend Vicar who portrayed my favorite model Olivia like no one else (Thanks mom, dad and aunt!)”.

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