“Chasm” by Daniel Popper and AG PNT in Las Vegas (7 photos)

Sculpture Daniel Popper and Graffiti Artist AG PNT

“Chasm” by Daniel Popper and AG PNT (graffiti tags) in Las Vegas, USA at Electric Daisy Carnival. Photos by Jonx Pillemer.

Daniel Popper: “It was awesome to finally be able to install her. I named the piece Chasm, which means a deep fracture in the earth or rock. It can also mean a profound difference between people, viewpoints and feelings. The Graffiti tags were lead by the amazing AG PNT with contributions by izzy and the master og Xavi Panneton If you added your tag pls tag yourself in the comments, don’t worry we wont arrest you.”

More by Daniel Popper on Street Art Utopia. More by AG PNT on Street Art Utopia.


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