Mural by My Dog Sighs and Background Bob in Southampton, UK

Background Bob: This epic piece uses the iris pattern from my brothers and mum’s eye and features little old me in the reflection

By My Dog Sighs and Background Bob in Southampton, UK for Re:Claim Southampton.

My Dog Sights: This one was a special collaboration with a good friend of mine, Background Bob. Those of you who don’t know, Background Bob is the alter ego of 13 year old Noah. Described as a cheeky lad with hydrocephalus, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, his background paintings have become hugely popular, shaking up the artworld.

Initially starting as a project during the first Covid Lockdown, the idea and the project took off. Noah would paint the backgrounds and artists would collaborate by painting on top. More than 200 artists took part. Background Bob then published a book of the works which sold out raising more than £100k for charity.

I was very proud to be part of the first phase but Bob is back, working with Lots of incredible new artists. Not wanting to miss out on the second project, today, instead of painting directly onto one of bob’s cardboard, I’d recreate one of his pieces and add my part of the collaboration over the top. I also added Noah into the reflection and used both Noah’s mum and brothers iris as reference for the eye.

Background Bob: So whilst we were filming for ITV news and attending exhibition openings something very very special was happening in Southampton at Re-claim Re:Claim Southampton. The legend, all round lovely guy, and good friend My Dog Sighs was busy painting something super exciting! This epic piece uses the iris pattern from my brothers and mum’s eye and features little old me in the reflection.

It’s no secret at all that as a family we are huge fans of his work, but also of the lovely human being he is. We are truly stunned and humbled by this piece, it’s a dream come true, and we can’t wait to go and see it in all its glory. A mean come on….the eyes are always truly stunning, but just look at that cardboard. Mate….this is something as a family we’ll always cherish, thank you so much dude. You are getting a long uncomfortable hug next time I see you.

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