9 photos: Mural by Patrick Commecy in Montpellier, France

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Juliette et les Esprits

Mural by Patrick Commecy in Montpellier, France. You can see it here in google maps at 33 rue Balard in the Parc Clémenceau.

Patrick Commecy takes care to ensure that the frescoes depict the histories, cultures, and unique attributes of the towns and cities they are located in, and often paints notable historical figures and local heroes into the murals.

He hopes that his works can be both objects of pride for the locals who live in the cities, as well as destination goals for tourists. Commecy understands that for the frescoes to be appreciated and maintained, they must be respected and valued by all, and reflect and enhance the identities of the people who are viewing them.


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