We made a comfy public bench design for someone

Friendly architecture by Michael Beitz

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Michael Beitz: In my work, drawing, sculpture, and functional design overlap to examine the complexities of relationships, anxieties, and dependency. I am interested in how certain characteristics manifest in the everyday objects and spaces relied upon to help define interactions and circumstances. For this, I am drawn to familiar forms and spaces, and what they can represent when altered.

The development of my work has grown out of dual histories as an artist and a furniture maker. It took years for me to start incorporating my trade skills of furniture making into my art practice and now I am working towards a deeper understanding of this work.

Having worked for artists and designers in the furniture design world equipped me with a unique approach to contemporary art as it has twisted my perspective into something other. I have become fascinated with with the subliminal power of objects/spaces through their functions, whether aesthetic or utilitarian.

As a solitary type of artist, I spend a lot of time drawing and sketching as a way to get thoughts out into physical form. I do not have the ability to verbalize my thoughts or ideas very well, so I rely on the mysterious process of drawing.

It is always magic to me how drawing helps me to make sense of what I see and experience. When I draw, it is like I am listening to myself and I have no idea what I am about to say. It is a strange and fascinating process for me.

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