Pink Panther – By Stohead in Toulouse, France (6 photos)

Graffiti Artist Stohead

By Stohead in Toulouse, France at Expolayup (48 Boulevard des Minimes). Photos from Stohead.

About Stohead:

Christoph Haessler born 1973 in Germany, lives and works in Berlin. Through his years evolving as an artist, Christoph has gone through several stages of development in styles. Starting as so many of his kind with graffiti in the late 80s he naturally became accustomed to lettering and calligraphy.

Scripture is the bearer of information, writing makes it possible to ban thoughts and feelings into a form and it is here where Stohead found his bridge between writing in the streets and the art form we have come to know in the past years. As with any good artist the key is to constantly evolve and reinvent oneself without loosing one’s identity as an artist.

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