Street Art by Nme – A Collection (8 photos)

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    By Nme in Christchurch Bournemouth, England

    GAME OVER Pikachu now tracked – Down

    Street Artist Nme

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    Nme is a self-taught artist from UK whose favorite playground is the urban environment.

    By NME

    Mondays aren’t so bad its your job that sucks

    By NME in Dawlish, Devon, UK

    The worlds not that bad it’s your government that sucks

    By NME at Shaldon beach in UK

    Dare To Dream

    By NME in Teignmouth, UK

    Floating on the remains of a shipwreck

    By NME in Teignmouth England
    By NME in Teignmouth England

    Plastic SOS – Our worlds oceans are drowning in plastics

    By street artist NME

    We can’t feed the poor but we can fund a war



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