Fear of rain – David Zinn’s fragile chalk art continues to visit Michigan (21 street artworks)

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    By David Zinn in Michigan, United States: Tragically or luckily, Ethan has lost count of his petals

    Chalk Artist David Zinn

    By David Zinn in Michigan, United States.

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    Life lessons from augmented pareidolia the first yo is given, but the second yo is earned
    By David Zinn in Michigan, United States: Sibling Pep Talk
    Jeremy’s First Lair
    Nadine Listens to the Grapevine
    Reading is Enflowering
    Bernice is easily the most intimidating dodgeball player for her size
    Chloe is 95% Burmese and 5% Fescue
    Fly-by-night Impossibility
    Fran’s summer hairstyle is 100% natural with very healthy roots

    Lily can’t decide if she’s an understood overachiever or an overstood underachiever; either way, she’s making a lot of progress
    Looks like another long day of things stubbornly refusing to be impossible
    Low altitude impossibilities at the Sideways Flying R
    Marv learned this look from the puppy next door; he’s hoping your pocket is full of flies
    Nadine and the Hydrophobic Frog
    Nadine and the Silent Standoff
    Philomena is a big fan of escapist literature
    Philomena likes to start her days by watching for the second most impossible thing to happen
    Rosie has an excellent sense of smell, which is why she always carries an olfactory support flower
    Summer mood Angus will concede to flowers on his shirts and umbrellas in his drinks, but that’s where he draws the line
    This message brought to you by the Underfoot Arts Council and a philanthropic hole in the ground

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