“Pirate” by SOEN BRAVO in Reinosa, Spain


    Street Artist SOEN BRAVO

    By SOEN BRAVO in Reinosa, Cantabria, Spain. Model: @asier_vera.

    SOEN BRAVO (direct translation): With this mural I refer to another face of current piracy, the reprehensible one, the one that evades taxes, that wants things, culture to be free, paying as little as possible or even, nothing. I also express a tribute to ancient piracy, inspired by the figure of Pero Niño, admiral, privateer and Earl of Buelna who harassed English ships, sacked its coast, reached the city of Southampton and went up the Thames, sowing panic. among the English. Thus, two totally opposite messages that already coexist on the face with this mocking air.

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