9 street art murals by NemO’s

By NemO’s in Bovisa, Milano, Italy (2010)


NemO’s: I lived in Milan in Italy for a while and because I come from a small city surrounded by countryside this big city seemed like a desert of cement to me, the skyline was barely visible! Every huge metropolis seems like a stain of oil that looks still but is slowly expanding and gulping everything down! I felt the necessity to show and tell the story of the expanding city that feeds on nature and expels cement waste!

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By NemO’s in Bonito, Avellino, Italy
By NemO’s in Bonito, Avellino, Italy
By NemO’s in Stigliano, Italy (2020)

“Countdown of depopulation”

NemO’s: Since some years young people started to leave this land in search of new opportunities and work. This gradually started a depopulation of the town. What is happening right now is a countdown and we hope it will stop, because the new generations are the lifeblood and the cornerstone of a community

By NemO’s


By NemO’s
By NemO’s

“HERO-IN” (Some “people” after)

By NemO’s
By NemO’s in Bologna, Italy (2016)


NemO’s: In the district Santo Stefano of Bologna, the 8000mq of the ex military barracks Masini is the place of the social center LABAS. This place has a significant history, during the war the partisan’re was imprisoned, tortured and killed. Today here develops a reality that produce and guarantees social cohesion. LABAS makes projects for a food sovereignty with Orteo, a district’s social garden, and other projects for self production. They make projects for human rights and help students, unemployed and retirees with housing rights. LABAS also organize event and initiatives for family and children. In this way the yard of the barracks becomes a open square for all citizens. The inhabitants of the district really appreciate this reality but now LABAS is in danger of eviction. ATLAS, the mythological figure that holds the world on his shoulders, is my solidarity contribution to this reality. I’ve draw a man that holds his big head in his shoulders. The head, mind and history, when big are more difficult to hold up. If something is complex and have a relevant history we have a burdensome load of responsibility.

By NemO’s in Madrid, Italy (2015)


By NemO’s in Piacenza, Italy
By NemO’s
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