Interview with the Italian street artist Mauro Pallotta (+6 artworks)

Street Artist Mauro Pallotta (Maupal)

By Mauro Pallotta on the pope in Rome, Italy.

When, how and why did you become an artist?

Mauro Pallotta: As a child I had a strong propensity for silence and listening and I understood that an excellent form of communication, for a person like me, could be drawing.

I began by first portraying my grandfather, who was motionless for long hours reading, then later I delighted in making portraits of friends and relatives. Their amazement at seeing a very similar portrait made by a 4/5 year old child was my fuel to continue my technical journey and improve it to the best of my ability.

How do you see your role as an artist today?

Mauro Pallotta: In civil society, the artist has a fundamental role: expressing himself through a marked sensitivity trying to create a mirror for the world around him and through interpretation, there is also the involuntary task of directing a community towards others future. A responsibility full of honors and burdens.

How would you describe your working method?

Mauro Pallotta: The most alternative form of communication and if you practice art on urban walls, the language must be as simple and direct as possible.

Can you name some contemporary works of art or projects that inspire you?

Mauro Pallotta: There are artists who are writing the history of contemporary art: Banksy, Blu, Borondo … but my artistic life goes in parallel with my daily existence and human growth. Inspiration is around the corner every day.

How can artists be paid for their work and at the same time maintain a critical attitude towards the commercial art market and public funding partners?

Mauro Pallotta: I believe that although the artist often lives on the edge of the system, she cannot completely exclude herself, otherwise she would not be able to change it or fight it from within. Furthermore, to exclude and completely reject the social and financial system would mean that only the children of the rich can pursue an artistic career.

What would you like to change in the street art world?

Mauro Pallotta: I would like much more attention and more space to be given to those who offer new ideas and originality. Now in the confusion of communication, some serial scripts are often hailed and exceptional artists are ignored.

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