‘Part Of Your World’ The Disney Princess Ariel Cleaning Up

Ariel by Herr Nilsson at Mälaren in Stockholm, Sweden

First artwork from Herr Nilssons ‘Clean Street Art’ Series

By Herr Nilsson cooperation with Rena Mälaren in Stockholm, Sweden.

Herr Nilsson: “After many years of provocative street art around the world, I was looking for something new and meaningful closer to home. When a friend presented the idea of creating something unique from scrap found on the bed of lakes and waterways, therefore highlighting a very important environmental issue, it immediately sounded just right. With the help of Rena Mälaren and an enormous number of hours later, the sculpture is finally ready to see the light of day!”

Herr Nilsson building Ariel in Stockholm, Sweden

Constructed from rubbish

Today Herr Nilsson revealed Ariel, entirely constructed from rubbish from Lake Mälaren in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The rubbish is retrieved by Rena Mälaren, the non-profit organisation that specialises in retrieving garbage from the bottom of the lake. Ariel is the first sculpture in a ‘Clean Street Art’ series in Stockholm, an inspiring new initiative to protect our seas. More sculptures in this series will be installed in various public locations around Stockholm during summer.

Ariel consists of mobile phones, cord phones, a vacuum cleaner, a sink, an oil barrel, a car tyre, a computer mouse, a watch, screws, and circuit boards. Key features such as Ariel’s hair are made from hoses, while her eyes are discarded CPU fans. Most notably, one of her raised middle fingers are represented by a knife, while the rocks situated at the front of the sculpture are old lead boat batteries, which are incredibly damaging to the environment.

Ariel and her soon-to-be companions are not only works of art, but symbols of the importance of
protecting our waters. For as long as she remains in position, Ariel can be seen with her two middle fingers up, saying F*** OFF to those who pollute the seas, oceans and waterways, day after day.

About Herr Nilsson

Herr Nilsson broke onto the international street art scene in 2012 when he painted a series of paintings titled ‘Dark Princesses’, including Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty armed with knives and pistols. The Disney princesses lurked around street corners in Stockholm where they appeared to wait for passers-by. As a result, Herr Nilsson was invited to a number of exhibitions in New York, Miami, London and Tel Aviv. The collectors of his work are found all over the world, among them being famous financiers and royalty.

Ariel and Herr Nilsson at Mälaren in Stockholm, Sweden
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