‘Here Yesterday’ 3D Mural by John Pugh in Hermosa Beach, California

Muralist John Pugh

By John Pugh in Hermosa Beach, California. For Hermosa Beach Murals Project.
Location: Parking lot between 13th Street & 13th.

About John Pugh:

For more than three decades, world-renowned trompe l’oeil artist John Pugh has engaged and captivated the public with large-scale mural projects in spaces across the world, including San Francisco, Miami, and New York, as well as Taiwan, Mexico, and New Zealand. His “trick of the eye” murals cleverly fool the viewer into seeing a modern facade’s broken wall revealing Greek columns or a woman reading in a cafe. But Pugh’s paintings also capture the imagination and engage the mind. Within a framework of artfully rendered illusionary space, he orchestrates layers of historical, social, and mythical commentary that challenge the viewer to find deeper levels of meaning.

With a body of work now exceeding 250 murals, Pugh has been instrumental in revitalizing the trompe l’oeil genre, turning it into a legitimate and vital mode of artistic expression that is both aesthetically and intellectually challenging. In Pugh’s own words, ‘It can link people together, stimulate a sense of pride within the community, and introduce the viewer to new ideas and perspectives.

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