Stork Nest Mural by Oriol Arumí in Lleida, Spain


    Street Art Mural of a stork nest by street artist, muralist and painter Oriol Arumí in Lleida, Spain

    Stork Nest – By Oriol Arumí in Lleida, Spain

    Oriol Arumí: This has been one of the works I have enjoyed the most, for being a wall that has been looking at me with desire for ten years, for having been able to paint a subject with which I am one hundred percent in tune, and for having received so many samples of affection, by pedestrians. I am deeply grateful to the association of residents of the neighborhood noguerola-estació-segre, and very specifically to Oriol Berenguer, for the commission and for overcoming all obstacles. And of course, thank you Sam once again for the help with the paint brushes and barrels.

    Photo by @ninick96
    Photo by @ninick96
    Photo by @ninick96
    Photo by @ninick96

    Curated by Veïns Noguerola Estació Segre

    Veïns Noguerola Estació Segre: First sketches of the mural by the artist Oriol Arumí who will paint a wall in our neighborhood. A drawing that wants to be a first foray into making our streets spaces open to art, culture and diversity. 💚 –

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